Type Booster seamlessly integrates into the system and starts to complete words, replace shortcuts and trace clipboard changes. You don't have to do any special setup, just work as usual.

Tray icon

When Type Booster starts, it places an icon in a tray area. You may invoke Type Booster's main menu by clicking on the icon with a right mouse button.

Main menu

You can manage Type Booster using it's main menu.
The menu contains following items:


Type Booster's settings are divided into 5 categories, which correspond to following tabs:

Autocomplete settings

As you start typing Type Booster displays a popup with a possiible words list based on the first letters. You may choose a first word with a single key (TAB by default), with digital (by default) or function key or use arrow keys and ENTER.

In an autocomplete settings dialog you may customize following parameters:

Autoreplace settings

Whenever you type a sortcut Type Booster replaces it with a full text.
In an autoreplace settings you may customize following parameters:

Clipboard enhancer

Ignore list

Type Booster will ignore applications present in the list.



If you wish to use Type Booster after the trial period, you have to register.

After we have payment, we'll send you the registration info.
NOTE: Be sure to keep this info!

Select the Register item of the context menu and enter the registration info into the applicable fields.