Type Booster is an autocomplete software, it automatically completes words as you type, letting you type fast with less keystrokes, making less typos and reduses effort.

Automatic word completion

Automatic word completion allows you to type frequently used words with less keystrokes, making less typos and reduses effort.

Type Booster seamlessly integrates in every application running on your PC and starts to monitor a keyboard.

As you start typing, Type Booster shows a popup with a possible word completions. You may choose a right one with a single key and Type Booster completes it for you.

Works everywhere

Type Booster works in any Windows application. Really. It works in a MS Word, IE, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. We tested it with all popular text processors, e-mail programs, ICQ messangers and browsers.

It works even in old DOS applications running in a console window.

A new issue of Type Booster fully Microsoft Vista compatible.

Smart and self learning

Type Booster contains a huge built-in vocabulary of most frequently used english words.

But that's not all, Type Booster constantly learns from your typing. If you type a word that is not in a dictionary more that three (by default) times, Type Booster remembers it and will show as a possible suggestion in future.

You may manually edit the dictionary. Add new words, modify or delete them.


The autocomplete dictionary is based on a work of Adam Kilgarriff. He built assorted word frequency lists from the British National Corpus (BNC) - a 100 million word collection of samples of written and spoken english from a wide range of sources.


Why should I buy ?

  • Free upgrades (even if a price is changed !)
  • Instant key delivery
  • 24/7 support by e-mail


  • Works with every application (MS Word, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Thunderbird, Outlook, Notepad, etc.)
  • Works with diacritic characters
  • Learns frequently used words automatically
  • Huge built-in dictionary of frequently used english words
  • Instant word search
  • Ignore unnecessary applications with a single key press
  • Complete a word with a single key
  • Complete a word with digital or functional keys
  • Flexible prompt window customization
  • Multiple learning options
  • Customizable user dictionary
  • Case sensitive/insensitive user library
  • and many more...