Type Booster expands the Clipboard allowing you to store a multiple text phrases simultaneously.

Clipboard Enhancer

Usually Clipboard can store only one piece of text at a time. When you copy something to the Clipboard, it's current content lost.

Type Booster expands the Clipboard, making it possible to store a multiple text phrases simultaneously.

Type Booster seamlessly integrates into the system and starts to trace clipboard operations. Whenever you copy something to the clipboard, Type Booster remembers it.

When you press a hotkey (ALT + INS by default) Type Booster shows a menu with a text phrases you recently put in the Clipboard. You may choose a text and Type Booster will paste it into the application.

Works everywhere

Type Booster works in any Windows application. Really. It works in a MS Word, IE, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc. We tested it with all popular text processors, e-mail programs, ICQ messangers and browsers.

It works even in old DOS applications running in a console window.

A new issue of Type Booster fully Microsoft Vista compatible.


Why should I buy ?

  • Free upgrades (even if a price is changed !)
  • Instant key delivery
  • 24/7 support by e-mail


  • Works with every application (MS Word, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Thunderbird, Outlook, Notepad, etc.)
  • Works with diacritic characters
  • Customizable hotkey
  • Customizable Clipboard history depth